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Your book needs care and quality to make it stand out. Our professional staff provide the services you need, from editorial, to artistic, to the formatting, Each book receives the care it needs.


The Hybrid Model

"Hybrid publishers use an author-subsidized business model, as opposed to financing all costs themselves, and in exchange return a higher-than-industry-standard share of sales proceeds to the author." -IBPA

Angry Eagle Publishing uses a unique model to get your books to print. We are what is known by the IBPA as Hybrid Publishers. We work with all budgets and options to get the job done.

There are multiple ways to get your book published through Angry Eagle Publishing.

But before we talk about that let’s get to know exactly what hybrid means. Our model of Hybrid was previously known as Small Press Publishing, but we’ve expanded to offer an ala-carte menu of author services. Small press differs from traditional publishing in a few ways but largely remains the same. It is a royalty paying publisher, however, we do not offer advances. We offer all services up front without cost to the author for a royalty share. These vary by author and sometimes wildly. Some of our past author packages range from royalty shares of 20-50%, with rights from 6-18 months. We can create a package for every author. Examples of how this works include services you find in the Ala carte section of the site and our non-exclusive rights policy.

YOU OWN YOUR BOOK! Yes, YOU own it. We simply borrow the rights for the contracted time period. After that period ends you may take your book wide or leave it exclusive with us.

When we publish your book we issue you a unique ISBN for your print book. We handle all editorial and creative costs for you. We work with you every step of the way from outline to completion.

Depending upon the level of services your royalty share can range from 50-80% of the net royalties and term may run 6-18 months. Your needs dictate your contract and none are identical. We make it work for you.

We maintain the right to publish your book for the duration of the contract and as long as you keep it within the Angry Eagle Publishing Group. We may run sales on your title if we feel it will benefit your brand and offer free copies to book stores. There is no cost for these marketing options. When you choose Angry Eagle Publishing you are choosing YOU!

*Note, we always own the ISBN and to republish with another publisher or solely independent you cannot reuse the ISBN. Authors my choose to purchase their own.

Use the links below to navigate to  the individual service pages and find that publishing your book the Angry Eagle way is the way for you!

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